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The LSN-Ultimate Hearing Aid: $1,100 each

Who is it for?

This is our most advanced state of the art hearing aid.  It has 24 channels of programming capability. These channels are further programmed over three different sound levels each and thus offer a total of 72 data points of programming--the most advanced in the industry.  It has 4 programs  with volume controls for each program.  You can adjust this hearing via your cell phone, both iPhone and Android.  Using your cell phone to hear a phone conversation will increase clarity because the call will be transmitted directly to your hearing aid in your ear.  Don't have or don't want to use a cell phone, that's Ok we have a small remote to help you change the volume and programs.

And best of all no more batteries. Just put the hearing aids in the charger overnight and they will be newly charged and ready in the morning. Just remove them from the charger and put them in your ear and they will automatically come on.  And best of all the charge is good for 22 hours it will definitely work throughout the day no matter your activity or hours.  


LSN-nTotal can be connected directly to any TV via our TV Streamer accessory. This small box (5 inches X 3 inches by less than 1 inch) when connected to your TV will stream TV Dolby HD Sound directly to your hearing aids and you will be able to control the volume as a 5th program. All the while other people watching the TV will be able to listen to the program at the volume they are comfortable listening.  And your neighbors will thank you. 

By the way you will not have to come to our office to have your hearing aids adjusted. We can service your hearing aids remotely via the Internet.

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